Trainings made simple.

Plan groups or individual athletes

Add as many athletes or training groups as you like

Plan athletes or groups via drag&drop

Athletes see their planning in their own app - and can sign in/out at the push of a button

Free of charge: Exercise library (video, image and text) with over 100 preloaded fitness and 40 Blackroll activation and recovery exercises

Paid: Sport-specific sample exercises (if available)

Exercises – Activities – Sessions

Exercises: Upload your own exercises (ex: 1 x warm-up exercise)

Activity: Consists of different exercises (ex: 3 x warm-up exercises)

Session: Consists of different activities (ex: 1 x warm-up activity, 1 x strength activity, 1 x cool-down activity = 1 x sample strength workout)


Overview: participated and missed activities, most frequently used types

Performance: training times, type distribution, ratings, sleep duration, sleep quality

Attendances: Attended, excused, and unexcused

Activity / fitness tracker

Easy import of tracking apps from Polar, Garmin and Suunto

Input of individual BPM per zone

Import of whole workouts or manual selection of workout segments

Automatic TRIMP calculation

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