All sports. Module based. FTEM supported.

The Athlete and Team
Management System


Force8 Coach – Coach smart!

Force8 Coach is an online athlete and team management system that enables clubs and associations to configure their own individual platform from various modules that complies with their own needs, structures and characteristics. Training programs (e.g. according to FTEM standard), objectives and corresponding exercises can be digitized, all relevant data such as statistics, evaluations, tests and surveys can be recorded and clearly displayed, which enables a professional athletes monitoring and supports them in achieving peak performance.

Training and competition planning are also available.

All communication with the athletes, coaches, assistants, staff and admins is done directly through the system.

Multi Sport Module Based System

Customise according to your needs

For each team or single sport, specific adaptations were/are developed together with coaches and experts and contain a variety of functions that are specifically tailored to practical requirements and to work more efficiently.
Together with our team of developers, experts and consultants, we are able to find and create customised solutions for the needs of our customers.


Always up to date thanks to lucid graphics.

Find the latest stats, figures, test results etc. in graphics and tables.

All communication with the athletes, coaches, assistants, staff and admins is done directly through the system.


Specific functions tailored to simplify daily operations

With a module based approach, can work as a platform for not only one but many different sports, either individual or team sports.

By choosing the necessary modules from our always evolving library, every club or sport organisation will be able to find and build the perfect solution for its needs.

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My Ice Hockey
Coaching with a plan

Based on Force8 Coach technology, a sport vertical for ice hockey has been developed.
Three federations, over 120 clubs, 900 coaches and 23’000 players work with My Ice Hockey.

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Trusted by the world’s best!

“We can easily synchronize our scientific data in Force8 Coach and store it with the athletes,
so they and the coaching staff are always up to date and the findings
can be taken into account when planning training and competitions.”

Björn Bruhin, Research Coordinator Swiss-Ski