Since 2008

Innovative and thinking ahead

Force8 Ltd  – Digital. Sport. Innovations.
We are a Zurich-based international sports tech company that has been developing intelligent systems for athlete and team management and monitoring since 2008. Our solutions are always developed in cooperation with experts from the practice and science.

As sports enthusiasts, we want to give all clubs, associations, institutions and organizations from amateur to professional sports the opportunity to work with our products – regardless of budget and size.

Our philosophy is simple: If our customers are successful, we will be too.


Meet our outstanding team

Marco Bäschlin

Chief Everything Officer and Founder

Marco Pargätzi

Chief Terrabyte Officer

Francisco Barreto

Technical project master

Gonçalo Mendes

UX Virtuoso

João Espadinha

Framework Champion

Pedro Serpa

Master of Megabytes

Nuno Santos

Frontend Stylist

Décio Couto

Backend Scientist

Icaro Pereira

Backend Guru

Estevão Butilheiro

Modul Crasher

Nik Hirzel

Sports Science Guru

Thomas Jungo

Francophone Project Juggler

Debbie Veitch

North American Star

Elena Petrova

Social Media Fairy

Luana Bergamin

Sports Mastermind

Christian Franz

Customer Success Bomb

Manuel Dinis

Backend Young Gun


How does our company get its name?

The Beaufort Scale is a scale used to classify wind speeds.

In English, this scale is called ‘beaufort wind force scale’ – or ‘Force’ for short. The wind strength is classified from 0 (calm) to 12 (hurricane). The Force8 classification corresponds to a stormy wind – but not yet a storm.

For the founder –  an enthusiastic water sports enthusiast himself – Force8 stands as a symbol for moving something, changing something – and if needed – waking something up or shaking it up.

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