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From Big to Small

Force8 Coach is a powerful digital tool for sports federations, clubs and coaches for everyday sports.

As passionate sports enthusiasts, we aim to provide all clubs, associations, institutions, and organizations, ranging from amateur to professional sports, the opportunity to utilize our products – regardless of budget or size.


Where Organization Meets Progress

Build the perfect solution for your organization needs.

National Federations

We help to reduce organizational problems, monitor top athletes in a targeted manner and implement training programs digitally.

Force8 Coach helps national federations roll out their athlete development programs to clubs. We bring the federations’ FTEM concept to life.

Digitization also has enormous potential in the sports sector. Force8 Coach helps you tap into this potential.

Regional Federations

Force8 Coach digitally connects regional federations with their affiliated clubs and their national federation as well.

Ideally, they adopt the athlete development program from the national governing body – or implement their own. Again, we make processes more effective, while all relevant data is available at one click.

Clubs / Associations

We lead clubs into the digital age, so they can develop their sport with maximum efficiency – in the junior area as well as in competitive sport.

Through the exchange of know-how and data, synergies are optimally utilized, training programs are widely spread and implemented in a controlled manner, and misguided developments are identified and corrected at an early stage.


Academies are very important organizations when it comes to high-performance sport.

They face the challenge of merging performance and medical data as well as information from sports-specific systems. We have the solutions.


Universities and colleges often offer a variety of sports to their students.

Our multi-sport platform helps to manage all of them under one ‘roof’. An easy-to-use interface guarantees administrators, coaches and athletes a great experience.


Are you a coach who wants to get the best out of his athletes – and simultaneously save time?

Great – we’ve got the perfect solution for you.

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All important coaching tasks

With our module based approach, Force Coach can work as a platform for not only one but many different sports, either individual or team sports.

Individual Sport

Force8 Coach is the complete athlete management system (AMS) that guarantees efficient planning and forms the basis for successful athletic development.

Force8 Coach has been developed by a coach, intuitive to use – for coaches, for athletes, staff and parents. Force8 Coach can be used for any individual sports.

Team Sport

With Force8 Coach, we support every athlete, every team and every coach in achieving their best performance.

Force8 Coach can be used for any team sports.

Multi Sport

With Multi Sport, we mean the combination of running several sports on the same platform.

Regardless of whether they are individual or team sports – we can handle all of them. Force8 Coach is the ideal solution for institutions such as universities, colleges, high schools and academies.


For whom?

Athletic and Development Directors, Coaches, Staff, Doctors, Physiotherapists and Athletes interact on Force8 Coach.

Athletic & Development Directors

Are you in charge of the athlete development in your organisation?

We can provide you with the right tools for a successful season. Check out our modules – you will find what you need. If not, talk to us – we might find the best solution for you together.

Coaches & Team Managers

The coaches and team managers are those, who use Force8 Coach the most.

Hence, the solution has to be intuitive and easy to use. And how do we do that? Well, we speak the same language – Force8 Coach has been developed by an experienced coach and his team. The ultimate goal? To increase efficiency and successful work among coaches.


Medical staff, equipment managers, research teams, etc. have access to the information they need on Force8 Coach.

Coaches can not only schedule their staff members, but also use permission settings to give them access to the data which is crucial for their job.


The optimal development of the athletes and the teams, that’s the essence of Force8 Coach.

Athletes are scheduled, managed and monitored by their coaches and have their own access to Force8 Coach. They can keep track of their training and competition planning, their records, give their trainers feedback and have an overview who sees their data.

Looking for a solution for you or your organization?