Our Force8 Lab helps you to become one of the worldwide leading associations/clubs in your sport in the field of data analytics.

Together with our customers, we develop solutions that are easily expandable, modular and at the cutting edge of data analytics.

Profit from our sports knowledge and benefit from our
cross-sport developments (SaaS = Sport as a Service).


Your individual consulting

Consulting regarding a suitable data structure and desired reports (e.g. dashboards)

Capturing the processes

Definition of the technologies used

Discussion, how the final solution has to look like

Creation of a pilot with customer data (1-2 dashboards)


Compare and analyze

Compare and analyze Force8 Coach data and external data semi-automatically via a cloud solution:

Consolidate heterogeneous input data (e.g. partner data, world stand analysis via .csv or Excel files)

Share data (to be cleansed by customer) via cloud

Build history so that long-term trends can be tracked

Provide a simple, understandable data model to easily analyze the wealth of data (dashboards with PowerBI, Streamlite, Shiny Apps or similar -> depends on budget and requirements)


Your individual dashboards within Force8 Coach

To integrate existing, external data, the simplest, fastest and most cost-effective solution is to choose a suitable mix between:

Entering content manually into Force8 Coach

Storing data in our cloud database

From this we create individual dashboards, which are displayed and accessible via Force8 Coach permissions & roles management.


Creation of a own Data Warehouse (DWH)

Implement the defined DWH solution including data structures and processes.

Additional benefit: automatic cleansing of data and even greater security

The previously created dashboards can still be used

Creation of additional dashboards


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