Force8 Lab

Every percentage matters

Force8 Lab is our data analytics service hub. You specify what is to be analyzed. Back-up your instincts with evidence-based insights.

We look at your existing data and visually prepare it for you with readable and thus interpretable dashboards.

Force8 Lab

Individual consulting

We offer targeted advice regarding a suitable data structure and desired reports (e.g. dashboards)

  • Capturing the processes
  • Definition of the technologies used
  • Discussion, how the final solution has to look like

Force8 Lab

Your own dashboards

Compare and analyze data via your individual dashboards

  • Use any external data
  • We – or the customer – create individual dashboards
  • These are displayed on Force8 Coach via authorization and role management

Download the Force8 Lab flyer here

Force8 Lab


Reuse the Force8 Coach data

  • Powerful REST API to seamlessly integrate Force8 Coach data into your own application
  • Improve your workflows, automate processes and create unique user experiences
  • Any number of requests per month possible

Force8 Lab

Own data warehouse

Implementation of the defined data warehouse solution including data structure and process

  • Big Query Data Warehouse
  • Force8 Coach API
  • From 2 million rows/month
  • 1 TB storage space
  • Up to 60 minutes query frequency
  • Automatic data cleansing and even more security

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