Force8 Coach for all swiss badminton clubs

Swiss Badminton makes training planning a breeze for its members

Badminton trainings is taken to the next level with Force8 Coach. The core is the exercise database, which at the time of launch offers over 300 different badminton exercises for players of all ages and levels. Thanks to the practical filter option, you have a great selection of suitable exercises without any effort, regardless of which topic you are currently training on. You can also create and plan your own exercises in the tool.

In addition to training planning, Force8 Coach offers many exciting functions, especially in athlete management. For example, players can sign in or out of training sessions and provide feedback on the individual sessions. Coaches have an overview of the topics the athletes have worked on in the trainings of other coaches and, thanks to the analysis function, can see at any time which topics still need to be trained.

Check out here the nice video about it.

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