Marco Pargätzi is CTO of Force8 Ltd

Marco Pargätzi has been a member of the management team at Force 8 Ltd since January 2021 and is responsible for the technical management of the team and athlete management systems.

Marco Pargätzi’s sporting background was laid during a gymnastics and sports teacher course at ETH Zurich.
Instead of entering the teaching profession, he started working as an ice hockey coach.
He also gained further valuable experience through internships with Färjestads BK (Swe) and the Portland Winterhawks (WHL).

After 15 years as a professional coach at all levels (from field hockey school to NLB), as well as two and a half years in charge of children’s sports and coach education J+S Kids at the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation, he has now made the switch to his second great passion, programming.

With his daily work and the ever increasing administrative requirements in the supervision of the players, he had the idea 13 years ago to program a tool for himself, which should simplify his everyday life as a coach.

This resulted in today’s My Ice Hockey Tool, which has been expanded and developed by a professional team of developers since 2016. With the new AMS platform, he will expand the offer to other sports.

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