Show Case: SAFV Combine Day mit Force8 Coach

Force8 was at the first Open National Team Combine.

It’s 8 o’clock in the morning. Beautiful, cloudless Saturday morning in Zuchwil – and yet it suddenly gets dark. What is happening? Of course, the big, wide American football boys are arriving for their annual test of strength – because the first Open National Team Combine is taking place. Of course, the fast running backs and wide receivers and the nimble linebackers and defensive backs are there as well.

The athletes warm up a little bit and then it starts: There are short and long sprints, long and high jumps and skill tests. It is easy to see the different skills that are needed for this sport on the different posts.

A lot of performance data is collected on this day. Some of them are PISTE relevant. These are then entered into the ‘Test & Batteries Module’ of Force8 Coach. SAFV then analyzes the athletes and draws appropriate conclusions. These are made quickly thanks to the simple and clear analysis displays – even over several years.

Sascha Gaveau, Head of Competitive Sports, comments: “Thanks to Force8 Coach, we have a wonderful central overview of the testing data and can also make it available to the athletes straight away. After all, the athletes are just as interested in the results as we are!”

Then on Sunday morning, the men and women of flag football came in for testing. In this sport, there is no physical contact – but the testing requirements remain the same. Also on this day the athletes gave their best. After the ‘work’ was done, they sat down together and discussed the upcoming new season. The game data can be found here:

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