A look into the future of sports clubs

Lego are lying around and the walls are pasted with notes. If you think of a children’s room, you’re not completely wrong, but this is the conference of the Floorball Association St. Gallen / Glarus / Appenzell (in short: UVSGA) on the topic of sports clubs of the future. Among the participants are Force8 as well as young players, experienced coaches, board members and professionals from sports and business. Together, they tinker with Lego models, label Post-Its and explain their designed ideas. It doesn’t matter whether the sport is handball, floorball or soccer, because solutions are developed that work across sports.

The new organization is a network
In the discussion it becomes clear that very similar topics are current between the sports. These are to be solved together in the future. In concrete terms, regular events are to be held to deal with current topics in the sports network. Especially in the areas of athletics and psyche, cross-sport courses and workshops can be useful. In this way, offers are used more efficiently and the regional network is strengthened.
The tenor of the participants clearly goes in one direction: we all benefit from close cooperation. The coordination of administrative and organizational tasks as well as joint events and trainings should strengthen the clubs and the sports network.

Trainer of the future
According to a study, the biggest concern of Swiss sports clubs is the recruitment or retention of coaches. That’s why sports clubs and associations in the region want to work together more on education and training. Joint courses for beginners are planned for the coming year 2023. In addition, further training courses accessible to several sports will be offered by Youth and Sport in the region. Particular attention will be paid to young people, who will have the opportunity to attend initial training courses from the age of 14 and receive documentation on the sports. This is to be combined in each case at the same time with coaching by the club or association.

Partnership with the business community
Clubs are becoming more digitally organized and are thus becoming more attractive to board members. With new tools for athlete management, accounting or task monitoring, communication can also be more efficient.
The Sportvision Ost, which is designed by the Netzwerk Sport association, among others, offers space for visions. It is precisely this form of collaboration that is exemplary for a cooperative approach. Netzwerk Sport unites renowned sports organizations with the business community. Thereby a completely new dynamic is achieved, which can initiate and realize large projects.

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